Shinwa medical resort Kashiwa no ha

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationShibuya, Japan
CompanyHashimoto Yukio Design Studio Inc.
Lead ArchitectYukio Hashimoto
Design TeamMariko Tachida
ClientHealthcare corporation Shinwakai
Project Videohttp://

This facility is a resort-like medical examination center in Kashiwa-city Chiba. Designed upon a theme of “garden”, we used natural materials and elements like water, wood, stone, earth, by high-end professional way to give visitors a sense of hearing in a comfortable environment. A amphitheatrical lounge near the entrance with plastered walls and glass decoration of bubbles, reception center made of sliced wood boards, and solid wood arch-shaped bench, all of them represent a feeling of natural power for recovery. Each examination booth uses soft lighting to make examinees feel comfortable. An annexed Japanese restaurant Kissho is for people after their examinations.