Restaurant 01

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationOuder-Amstel, Netherlands
Lead Architecti29 interior architects
Design Team i29 interior architects
ClientDe Bijenkorf
Project Videohttp://

The brief was to design a restaurant which represents the high end brand values of the client, De Bijenkorf (part of Selfridges Group). At the same time, it should be easy to maintain and resistant to heavy use due to the many visitors. Our goal was to create a restaurant where people can work, eat and meet. An interior which expresses the brand values of De Bijenkorf; luxury, quality and creativity. Due to the recent developments of retail market, many large brands are forced to cut down investments. De Bijenkorf recently announced to invest on a large scale with her ‘Premium Experience Strategy’ to give their international clients top service, shopping experience and high end brands. In line with this new strategy, i29 strived for a new definition of the kitchen concept. Instead of well known concepts with rough wood, brick walls and scarce lighting, a refined and dressed environment is made. The exact reverse of a ‘hipster’ environment. Formerly being a storage and office space with limited heights it was a challenge to transform the space into a restaurant. Different seating areas and atmospheres are created in contrasting materials and colors with a mix from rough to luxe.