PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationSeoul, Korea, Republic of
Lead ArchitectSeungmo Lim
ClientHotel The Designers
Project Videohttp://

‘Libertango’ is one of the rooms of a boutique hotel located at Gangnam in Seoul. The motive of this room was from a woman dancing tango, a bullfighter waiting for a duel and a black bull. The image of seductive fluttering of the red dress that wraps around black tuxedo, a bullfighter in a gorgeous Traje De Luces (Suit of Light) decorated with golden embroidery and a black bull staring at Muelta (red fabric hanging on a stick used by a bullfighter) and kicking the dark red ground reflects the passion and tension of a moment condensed with strong colors and energy. To design out of the box, I created a line of movement that penetrates through entire room while on the line changing perspective of the view. Also I attempted to demonstrate dynamic diversity of space by using fusion and division of colors and shapes.