181 Hotel, Hong Kong

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationGuangzhou, China
Companyben yeung & associates ltd.
ClientLiu Chong Hing Investement Limited
Project Videohttp://

Taking its cue from the modern and luxury design, 181 Hotel presents a wonderful visual effects. The ceiling of the reception area is designed by wave shaped elements to present its elegant theme. Meanwhile the modern- design lamps are suitably used. The light is the main element for creating the atmosphere in the warm and modern environment. Dinning at the Sky Lounge, which is in the 31th floor, could enjoy the spectacular view of sunrise and sunset, and overlook the panoramic view of the city. The decoration of ceiling has been extended to the window, which looks like the canopy of banyan, making the space into magnificent and conspicuous. Elegance and modern decoration are reflected in all the guestrooms, combining refined style with ultimate comfort. Patterned carpets floors, soft luxurious fabrics and tastefully selected furniture are united to create a soothing atmosphere, complemented by stunning panoramic views of the city. The wooden element brings the fresh airiness of the natural landscape into each guestroom.