Effingut Brewerkz

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationMUmbai, India
CompanyStudio K-7
Lead ArchitectKetan Jawdekar
Design Team Ketan Jawdekar, Elham Mirza
ClientEffingut Brewerkz Pvt. Ltd.
Project Videohttp://

Effingut in its second outlet wanted to create a place that has experience! A place that can get you nostalgic and a place to sip your crafts while watching the match, reading books, chatting with friends or just go solo. Music being the base, designers wanted to create a place that rolls around the theme of music and the childhood memories for those who are in their forties. Use of indie frames hung inside with cool saying and some messages, RAJDOOT GTS bike hung from the ceiling, shelves stacked with old LP records and cassette players, Racks stuffed with old comics and the overall woody feel gives it a warmth. Low illumination levels with low hanging lamps; decent usage of highlighters for the stuff on the wall covering various themes related to signs of the times, beer, Bollywood, Hollywood and beyond. One can go bonkers over reading old age Archie and Super hero comics over the beers. A table hanging from the wall to “make you feel in air” on special occasions is something that one should dare to try. The curve mirrors in washrooms is what one has to experience personally.