The Field in the City is Embedded with Wisdom

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Retail
Firm LocationTaichung City, Taiwan
CompanySun-Life Interior Design
Lead ArchitectSheng-Hsin Hsu

A gigantic squared mass is sitting quietly on the noisy street, an architecture which renders the city hustle with the silence from the building itself. At the entrance of the solid mass, the place emits the sincere invitations to the crowds casually. At the steady and neat façade, there is the distinctive atmosphere that invites people to explore. The building is constructed into the sense of both verticality and penetration by using grilles. This designing concept is continued when the designer is thinking how to create the style of the interior space. There are many wooden materials made for the interior space, the design mainly for the purpose of reception. The interior space corresponds in different styles to the façade made of stones. The interior walls are made of cedar woods that make people can feel the warm and cultural atmosphere from the perspective of vision and sense of smell. This design makes people feel that as if they stay at a Royal study in Qing dynasty and associate with literati by means of literature in an environment full of rare antiques and poetry anthology, the place people feel the atmosphere that simplicity reveals with elegancy.