Lee Ji Eun Hair Styling Salon,Tianjin main shop

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Retail, Winner in Interior Design / Other Interior Design
Firm Location, China
CompanyExakuan Space Design Co.,ltd.
Lead ArchitectJien-An Lai
Design TeamMing-Hsia Hsu, Jing-Ling Han, Tsun-Yun Lin
ClientLee Ji Eun Hair Image Design Co.,Ltd.

Hair style actually provide a way to record people's lives,when people see their hair in the old photos,many of the past time fragments will be awakened. When consumers gained hairstyle updates from pruned,their periods of lives are also stored as memories,so we build a nostalgic space atmosphere,and use materials with traces of the time to guide consumers to produce emotional identity. The hair salon is located in Tianjin,China, is a two-floor space,the first floor area is 53 square meters,and the second floor area is 104 square meters.The whole space is divided into many small spaces by the floor and structure walls,in order to improve the efficiency of space use,these scattered Spaces must be integrated. Hair updates are almost part of the lives of everyone in modern society,thus inspired the design team to present the design concept- Emptied after Growth.In conjunction with the layout design of the plane,the structure walls are combined with the equipments and lockers,and they grow into many functional blocks,disintegrating the original partition function of those walls.And then according to different needs,these blocks will be emptied of different forms for operating spaces.Eventually,the fragmented Spaces are merged into a wider,more efficient space.