Cosmos Mansion Sales Center

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Other Interior Design
Firm LocationTaipei, Taiwan
Lead ArchitectKeng-Yu, Liao

Real estate sales center. A typology not seen elsewhere, is used to launch new residential developments in Taiwan, a country where the outrageous catches the eye, the sales center has evolved into a Frankensteinian act—brash, designed to attract attention, but a fantasy that never matches the product being sold. This project, is not that. This center is to be the product itself, a space that “sells” by communicating the client’s vision of what living can and should be. The solution is a seeming paradox for the typology—a sales center that doesn’t look like one, a transactional, temporary space designed well enough to live in—permanently. With spacious masses and clean lines, the space interweaves the modern and the classic. Symmetry and permanence is enlivened with material, light, and color. The journey is sequenced as discreet acts of private theater, beginning with an installation of orchids (ceremonial), and briefing room (monastic). Spaces flow, punctuated with openings and sightlines that form a dialogue between inside and outside. At each turn, depth and detail are revealed tantalizingly—a flash of red, an asymmetrical pendant, the swaying interplay of shadow and light. A modern classic. A temporary place of permanence. Or more simply, a space you want to live in.