Transmission-Field tandem

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Other Interior Design
Firm LocationTaipei City, Taiwan
Lead ArchitectAlfie Shao
Design TeamTzu-Hsi Shao Yung-Hsin Yang

This project, the Museum Of International Brewmasters Art, locates in the center of Beijing, a ruin of classical Russian structural industrial building. It is an epitome of a Chinese old brand, Dragon Seal Red Wine, experienced the vicissitudes of times and finally retired cause by out of date. Afterward, a group of people found this mottled container, repositioned the spirit with the dense sense of spatial presence of the old winery, reshaped by contemporary design techniques, trying to create more interacting spaces of wine and people, or people and people. Now, it will reload the spirit and extend the Chinese wine culture. The creation of wine is the fruit of the wisdom of our ancestors, combined with soil, water, fire, grain and other elements, spending the most important time in order to brew an exciting wine. We make this totally natural brewing process to match spatial patterns, formed "soil, water, fire, grain" four fields, each space due to the different function resulting in different spiritual meanings. Therefore, the planning of space and circulation uses soil, water, fire, grain brewing process as conceptual developing, containing dynamic timing in the rich and diverse field.