[Progetto CMR - Palazzo Verona NH Hotel Collection - COVER IMG] ph. Andrea Martiradonna

Palazzo Verona NH Hotel Collection

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationMilan, Italy
CompanyProgetto CMR
Lead ArchitectMassimo Roj

Palazzo Verona, a place dense with history in which artistic and cultural heritage from the past coexist alongside inputs of contemporary design, was redeveloped by Progetto CMR, which transformed it in the first 5 star hotel of the city. The reception, heart of the project, is designed with the same soft and mellow lines reminding the image of Verona’s Arena. The hall, opening on the two entrances to the Hotel, faces the convivial space of the 14th century courtyard through a glass barrel vault. The path then leads us to the bar, the lounge area, a small external space and the restaurant.