TT Apartment

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Apartments Interior
Firm LocationSingapore, Singapore
Company0932 Design Consultants
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A transmutable space that is at once a luxurious extension into the living area – literally managed by the tasteful use of parallel lines in 3-dimensional geometry. The design aesthetics is fairly minimalist, with simple clean lines and deceptively simple color combinations of white, cool grays and warm neutrals. Looking from the functional aspect, the pavilion can also maintain the apartment’s air-conditioned environment when it is fully closed. But it also has the option to be partially opened for ventilation. When all panels are closed, the pavilion also serves to minimize noise from the street below. And in the evening, when there is a need for entertaining or dining, the surfaces of the pavilion are detailed to accommodate a built-in dining table. It is clear that interior design approach has taken note of localized tropical climate; its very essence forms the basis of the pavilion’s wooden paneled details. But beyond this didactic purpose, the pavilion is also a work of design, art even; a careful, considered and precise form that seek an alternative or even a better way for living.