AQH Apartment

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Apartments Interior
Firm LocationLos Angeles, Brazil
CompanyColetivo Arquitetos
Lead ArchitectCesar Coppola and Daniela Coppola
Design Team Daniela Coppola - Lead ArchitectMarcela Guerreiro - Team Architect
ClientCarolina A.Q.H - Ricardo H,
Project Videohttp://

Located in São Paulo/Brazil,AQH project brought a challenge of transform a neoclassical apartment into a contemporary living space.For that they were knocked down walls and the internal space was completely reorganized in order to have greater integration and fluidity between environments.The basic premise of the project was "living with art and garden", which is reflected through the spaces, blending natural elements to design pieces. A garden was implemented in the balcony area, with fruit trees, in order to give the apartment the warmth and appeal of a home, creating a filter between the living environments and the city skyline, smoothing the city boundaries and creating the extension printing beyond its limits.Among the vegetation, luminous spheres of Bocci give a sculptural tone. They are spread throughout the apartment and are a passion of the owners.The core in exposed concrete was created to be used as an exhibitor of itinerant works of Art, that hanging by steel cables, they can be changed or easily moved.A subtraction in concrete box gives way to the winery designed in clear acrylic where the protagonists are the wines.The development of authorial designs and accuracy to detail are hallmarks AQH Apartment.