Perf House

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Houses Interior
Firm LocationLondon, United Kingdom
CompanyAndy Martin Architecture
Lead ArchitectAndy Martin

The Perf House design brief was to bring some of the light, quality and openness of the client’s native Sardinia to central London. The scope involved the complete removal of all existing internal elements of this petit 5-storey Georgian terrace house in Pimlico. ama re-imagined the spaces within to deliver a new home environment with transparency and connection, materiality and texture, light and shadow, excitement and tranquility. Raw concrete and steel combine with refined glass, timber and carefully detailed plasterwork to create a relaxed but crisp interior. To solve the issue of a dark and unwelcoming basement level, we introduced a ground floor made up entirely of pavements lights, common but unappreciated on every London commercial street - repurposed here to allow natural light and activity to connect the first two levels of the building. From the basement level a handmade steel staircase connects to the ground floor and then works its way up to the first floor, at which point the solid steel plates transform into a perforated metal spine which cuts right through the building to the top floor. This use of the perforations throughout the house helps to intensify the light through various aperture dimensions.