Warmth. The Villa No.22

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Houses Interior
Firm LocationTaichung City, Taiwan
CompanyL.C Interior Design Chang Yu-Chih Architects
Lead ArchitectChi-Wei Lin
Design TeamChi-Wei Lin Yu-Chih Chang

No.22, the villa of this project, shows the life philosophy for living environment. For the hospitable client, the designer have brought into existence the simple living environment in which the application of plain stones in the living room has present the majestic atmosphere. On top of that, the irregular-shape tea table and public storage cabinet bring before residents the elegant and relaxing characteristics. The resign idea of simplicity and pureness corresponds to the desire living happily for the client, who has a good time living here by means of the design including warm sunlight, open configurations, pot plants, bedroom mirror printed with tree grain, and great view outside the balcony, the natural design style reminds people of the beauty of pureness. The design of partition wall, one side on which the wooden quality and retro-style chairs make reading the pleasant moment; the other side on which the simple design style, with the delicate European- style fireplace and ceiling window, creates the artistic tea-tasting atmosphere. The stone walkway, the blue sky, and the white façade of the building has not only created a beautiful garden, but present the intimate relationship between the family and dwelling.