[OFFICE AIO - We Pictures - COVER IMG] Collaborative nature of picture making made transparent and dynamic at director Ho Sun Chan’s new Beijing

We Pictures

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Workplaces
Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationBeijing
Lead ArchitectTim Kwan
Design TeamIsabelle Sun, Xue Zhao, Simon Carron
ClientHo Sun Chan

Run by director Ho Sun Chan, We Pictures is a HK film production firm. While filmmaking has always been a collaborative business, Office AIO strives to craft its Beijing branch frequented by staff traveling between HK & BJ with the goal to elevate and invigorate the modes of mobile working in close network with local producing partners. Features of both corporate and co-working offices are extracted to accommodate the peculiar needs revolving filmmaking. The design creates senses of composure and belonging, that sets the workplace as a canvas that incubate the business’ out-of-office dreamwork