Yakiniku Restaurant NIKUNOTORIKO

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationTokyo, Japan
CompanyRyoji Iedokoro Architecture Office
Project Videohttp://

BBQ gives people an opportunity to gather with their special friends and loved ones to enjoy the moment surrounded by nature. These occasions can enrich our lives and create cherished memories. Enjoy refreshing feelings outdoors in a comfortable space with your special ones, while getting in touch with an ancient life style, where people hunted for food and ate in nature to survive. This design reminds us of these natural surroundings, being around trees on a riverside, sitting in caves to avoid rain and wind. Experience not only the visual image of this design, but also enjoy the emotive experience, which will create vivid and inspirational memories. The cave on the 1st floor is so realistic that you won’t be able to resist touching it. On the 2nd floor, there are steel pipes resembling trees and hooks imitating branches, where jackets and bags can be hung and brighten the room. Greenery is all around and flowers and tree nuts are hung well to keep privacy and intimacy. The floors are designed to show the contours of the ground so we can feel nature underneath our feet.