The Cloud

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationKowloon, Hong Kong
CompanyAvoid Obvious Architects
Lead ArchitectVicky Chan
Design TeamKrystal Lung, Emily Manasc, Ching-Yu Lin

The Cloud is a headquarter for a well-known aviation company inside two 48-floor towers. It is a creative hub that fully integrates customization, sustainability and flexibility. The total area of design is 162,800 m2 and the scope is to design the lobby, typical offices, bathrooms, tourist elevators, amenities, day care, exhibition and flying zone. The theme of flying is translated into sequences of how technology, people and nature interact - take off, fly, explore, share, and recharge. Every movement within the building is a flying journey connected by flight paths. Those paths are crafted to create efficient circulation and to promote more interactions among people and nature. Based on our research, we believe those interactions will boost the company’s heath, creativity and productivity. The functions of the design embrace the idea of flexibility, customization and sustainability. Design choices were made in accordance with both LEED and WELL Building Standards. The building promotes an active lifestyle by offering facilities such as the gym, daycare, outdoor garden and indoor flying garden. In typical office and exhibition area, flexible spaces and innovative office equipment are designed to allow individuals and group meetings to share ideas anywhere and anytime.