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PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationShenzhen, China
Project locationDongguan City Discovery East Venice Square
CompanyShenzhen One Design Office Co.,Ltd
Lead ArchitectHu Tao
Design TeamZhou Yanjie, Yin Yongxian, Lin Wuyuan,Zhu Junda, Ye Baihui, Tang Xiaodu
Clientbeimu  System Home

The client hopes to further improve its brand paradigm through spatial design strategy.As a new force in the local brand, beimu advocates to simplify life and pursue the return wisdom from 1 to 0. Based on the idea of brand, the designer's creative logic consists of three parts: the change of business model and the pinch of consumer psychology under the background of the big times, the uniqueness and unpleasure of cultural aesthetics in the context of globalization; The gradual design refinement technique begins with the concept of form.