PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationSheung Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
CompanyPplusP Designers Limited
Lead ArchitectWesley Liu
Design Team Eric Lau
ClientUncle B
Project Videohttp://

The concept of this project is to transform a local grocery brand - U&B, into a highly flexible and hybrid space with mono material and colour to achieve customers’ attention. It redefines how to spend a low budget to build something creative in systematic design. Given that the brand logo of U&B is a shopping trolley and their corporate colour is in orange, the interior environment embraces all these elements to contribute to its uniqueness. Instead of the traditional roof painted in white, the tangerine ceiling stays bare to match with the concrete flooring in order to generate an unprocessed surrounding. The visualization of the hue and saturation in the orange sky adds a little warmth. Thus, it balances the sensitivity and tactility of the unfinished plywood trolleys with black metal in this space. All in all, this grocery store has been delicately designed to comprise for their fast-changing products and blended immaculately with the flexible and responsive components, creating a stylish signature in the store to represent the brand.