Experiencing a Japanese-style Fantasy

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationTaoyuan City, Taiwan
CompanyWyson Int’L Architecture Interior Design
Lead ArchitectChia-Hung Weng

From the perspectives of conflictions of beauties generated between the traditional Japanese images and contemporary technologies, the designer had applied the artistic skill, called “intuitive space,” that attracts the attentions from the client and inspires the client’s curiosity by its strength of overlap and transparency. The design of cold-blue frames, white surface in layers, bright lights make the façade and indoor space dazzling, which transform the restaurant into a style of renewed vigor and technology. The seats area is decorated with the style of contemporary Japanese-style exposed concrete, where the grey ceiling, floor and walls bring out black. The black represents the silhouette of the objects, which expressing the story of the space and the content of the activities. In the meantime, the center area that is decorated with the warm-colors logs and red presenting the sun of flag of Japan. The flexible skills applying the lights and shadows, and colors, define specifically the characteristics of area and space.