Boca Centro

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationTokyo, Japan
CompanyDoyle Collection Co. Ltd.
Lead ArchitectAiji Inoue
Clientj Group Holdings

La Boca Centro is a three-year-limited Bar & Food hall, aimed to cultivate cultural exchanges under the theme of Spanish and Japanese cuisine. When visiting the bustling Barcelona, beautiful addition of the city and interaction with cheerful, generous-hearted people in Catalonia have inspired our designs. Rather than insisting on complete reproduction, we focused on localizing partially to capture the originality. Partitions and walls are not for dividing space. We visualized each area’s characters by adopting not only colour contrast that can be seen apparently, but also patterns of tiles, designs of pendant luminaries and table heights. In addition, we placed kitchens and Bar counters separately to make them as icon for each area to create context sceneries of Spanish cities and off-streets. Mentioning the colour scheme, integrating Japan’s traditional colour code cited from the four seasons and tone colours enable to organize pleasant carnival-like atmosphere on the whole. Bar will be filled with young people during early hours and as night advances, characteristic adults will relish their respective time. This scenery will look as if some interactive thing is about to start.