Entertainment & Media Company Campus Green

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Large Scale Landscape Projects
Firm LocationConnecticut, United States
CompanyMilone & MacBroom, Inc.
Design TeamJason Williams, PLA, ASLA, Mike Joyce, PE, Suzanne Schore

This leader in entertainment and media continually focuses on creating and improving spaces which inspire workforce creativity and innovation. Working with their employee, security, and operations leadership, our design team helped to implement their vision and transform three acres in the heart of the campus into an inviting and vibrant outdoor “Campus Green” for use and enjoyment by all employees and visitors both day and night. The design of the Green, which is unique within the overall campus, evokes a variety of emotions for the employee moving between buildings quickly, pausing to relax and recharge, or simply seeking a quiet outdoor work space. Specialized materials, landscaping, and lighting create a functional and safe pedestrian environment, and while accessibility and convenience are essential to the enjoyment for users, high expectations for the visual experience are equally vital. Wrapped by existing vertical office spaces, large atrium cafeteria windows, and several walkways with different elevations and approaching perspectives, the Green is enjoyed by employees whether within or around it. The outdoor “rooms,” framed by illuminated stone and granite seating walls, rolling land forms, and a wide variety of vegetation, encourage limitless new team meeting, workshop, corporate presentation, and entertainment and media broadcast opportunities.