[QUAD Studio - C Future Lab - COVER IMG] Credit to Shixiang Wanhe Media. C Future Lab is an experiential lab in C Future City that creates a journey for visitors to experience, explore and discuss the future with unique designs from international artists.

C Future Lab

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Exhibition
Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Project locationShenzhen, China
CompanyQUAD Studio
Lead ArchitectKelvin CHU, Wai TANG
Design TeamPeter Scott, Dovile Zuokaite, Andrea Sze, Tim Ho, Yuu Yau, Sufat Su
ClientCentralcon Group

As an experiential lab in Shenzhen, C Future Lab integrates technology, art and nature through a series of innovative installations composed of digital art, 3D printing sculpture and green vegetation. It provides a new platform for visitors to discuss how urban design will reshape our living in the future. Collaborated with international artists like Ross Lovegrove and Patrick Blanc, the lab combines the functions of art gallery, co-working space, garden, discussion forum and social gathering area. C Future Lab creates a journey for visitors to embark on fueled by curiosity and anticipation.