Fisher Hill Reservoir Park Gatehouse and Comfort Station

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Installations & structures
Firm LocationBoston, United States
CompanyTouloukian Touloukian Inc
Lead ArchitectTouloukian Touloukian Inc
Design TeamLandscape Architect (Prime): Klopfer Martin Design Group Structural Engineer: Richmond So Engineers MEP Engineer: A|H|A Consulting Engineers Geotechnical Engineer: GEI Consultants Civil Engineer: Howard Stein Hudson Engineers Prime Contractor: Grace Thorton Corporation
ClientTown of Brookline, MA

The project is a rehabilitation and restoration to the 1887 Fisher Hill Reservoir Gatehouse in part with the larger transformation of the existing reservoir into a public park. After initiating a process which took almost 15 years, the Town of Brookline secured the ownership of the reservoir and support from the community to be re-imagined as a public park. The Town of Brookline redeveloped the reservoir to provide a highly unique experience of history, public space and community involvement within one place. Our design team preserved and restored the history of the gatehouse and site in order to create a special sense of place unique to Brookline and the history of Boston. Essential to the programming of the site is the inclusion of a new restroom building. The careful site placement, accessible relationships, and material detailing were central to connecting the design language of the “modern” to the “historic” and its overall sense of place. Park programming includes athletic fields, a local artist designed playground, perimeter walking paths, educational panels describing the history of the site, and an observation deck. Large events, concerts, outdoor movies and much more have been scheduled for public enjoyment.