[JAMES LIANG & ASSOCIATES LIMITED - Aviation Dream - COVER IMG] Xu Yiwen, Chen Tianqi

Aviation Dream

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationGuangzhou, China
Lead ArchitectMelody Lau, Sean Lenug, Tiki Huang
Design TeamYee Xiong, Jian Meng, Tain Cen, Zhiting Guan, Yuanmiao Chan, Min Chan, Zhijie Chan, James Liang
ClientPoly Real Estate

This case is located in Hongdu, Nanchang City, whose aviation history is an epitome of the Chinese aerospace industry. In the 1950s, Hongdu Machinery Factory produced China's first homemade aircraft, which took off successfully, and this case is located near the old take-off runway. Incorporating the local aviation background and historical culture, this case introduces architecture into the interior of a three-story space. The spatial structure gives a multi-level expression with the design techniques of deconstruction, restructuring and interweaving.