KODA village Tallinn

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture, Winner in Landscape Architecture / Urban Design
Firm LocationTallinn, Estonia
Lead Architect√úlar Mark
Design Team Liina-Liis Pihu, Maria Alnek, Eva-Liisa Lepik, Kadri Tonto
ClientKODA Stay

The first KODA village in the world is a temporary community providing high quality interim use for a city center parking lot that is waiting to be developed. The village is combined of seven KODA houses. The prefabricated 25 m2 units accommodate living, short term stays, office, retail and a pop-up cafeteria. The smart solutions (automatic heating-cooling- ventilating system, solar panels, well insulated walls, 4-ply glass, sunshade etc.) result in plus energy houses that annually produce more energy than they consume. The mobile concrete houses need no foundation and can be relocated after use. The landscape design is as mobile as the houses. The triangular terrace modules can be relocated and refitted in a new context. Even the plant species used are pioneering, meaning they are tough and ready to occupy new areas. Since KODA is a free standing house that can be separated from the plot, it has a secondary market and can be easily sold after use, creating a new dynamic situation both in the urban context and the real estate development sector. The temporary but high quality KODA village brings the interim use to a new level, improving the quality of the urban environment today instead of tomorrow.