Hunan Financial Center Urban Design

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Urban Design
Firm LocationShanghai, China
Design TeamJun Zha, Yang Liu, Can Yang, Shulin He
ClientHunan Xiangjiang New District Management Comittee

Hunan Financial Center is located in Hunan Xiangjiang New Area, Changsha, neighbouring the Xiangjiang to the east and Beijin City Relics Park to the north. Currently, the base which lays mostly abandoned factories, is the brown area of the city fringe. This design is kind of a “city patch” to revive this area.After considering thorough investigation of the cite and full respect of the status quo, we managed to integrate and upgrade the existing buildings and landscapes. The design maps the base into Changsha’s millennium massif and rivers venation, while fixing the original natural ecological pattern that was destroyed by factories. The design also introduces an ecological green wedge belt which is perpendicular to Xiangjiang. The belt gently segments the narrow site and creates a waterfront financial center. Convenient public transportation resources strengthen the cross-straits relations to connect two banks of Xiangjiang. The two centers of the project and the cultural landmarks across the river jointly build up a riverbank public space and activate the urban fringe area. The project’s phased implementation and urban growth has also been considered carefully. This project is going to be a turning point for the revival of Changsha and also a remarkable place of Xiangjiang.