Villa Jardin

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Outdoor Designs
Firm LocationMexico, Mexico
CompanyASP Arquitectura Sergio Portillo
Lead ArchitectSergio Portillo Alarcón

This apartment project occupies the lower level of a building on Mexico City. It generates a dialog between the newly constructed building and its environment, interweaving the project with its landscape and unifying indoors with outdoors. The northeast holds two terraces joined by a pergola; the first houses a living and dining area with a vertical garden built of wooden boxes reclaimed from the shoring system used in the construction. The second terrace rests on a lower overhang, suggesting a closer relationship with the landscape. Finally, a staircase connects it with the gully underneath the structure. The southwest houses a more private garden that connects to the bedrooms, the TV room and kitchen, culminating in a contemplative space known as the Garden Box. This open module is designed for an intimate interaction between the spectator and the garden. Three transition elements were built with reinforced concrete, each with its distinctive energy. The first is a pool of water that symbolizes the purification of the access space, while endowing the access with movement and sound. The second consists of a garden of energy stones, while the third is a vegetable garden, designed to blend the gully’s natural vegetation with the terraces.