Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesús

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture, Winner in Architectural Design / Other Architecture
University/SchoolUVM Quéretaro

The cathedral will be located inside the Central Park project Xochipilli, Celaya, MX On its architectural development the main events in the life of Jesus of Nazareth were observed, including the principal focus to his transfiguration to divinity and the sacred heart of Jesus. From endless lines the flash of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and his infinite faith from Earth to heaven are represented. At the same time, seeks to be defined in front of the society as a whole that provides shelter on its solidity, before the attainable faith by the protector. Symbolizing in the architectural functionality the nobility and authenticity of the church. The Cross symbolizes the Calvary, retaking the profile of Jesus of Nazareth sacrifice for the people; the inside with glass blocks will flash symbolizing the resurrection of Jesus. The project consists of a building solved from 10 structural areas which delimit interior spaces. Stained Glass Window can be appreciated the portrayal of Jesus in the light of God's holiness in which was wrapped, to his sides are Moses and Elijah, who recognized him as the prophet, and God Father is at the highest point.