Architecture School

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Educational Buildings
University/SchoolUACEG Sofia

The road to knowledge and enlightenment is tough, meandering and full of obstacles. The aim of the project is to create a metaphor of this process, with its zigzag floor plans, as well as the inclined roof, resembling the difficulties one embraces while walking this road. The building is functionally divided throughout its height. The first floor is more public-oriented, with the airy entrance foyer, the Aula Maxima, café and administration zone. The second floor is the place where students will receive the knowledge – with all the lecture halls, laboratories and seminar rooms. The next two floors are the place where the architectural “magic” happens and turns the ideas into reality in the architecture ateliers. Also, there is a library with a half-level inside. The metaphor of the enlightenment can be read vertically – the higher you go, the closer to pure architecture itself you become. Taking away from the Nature, I decided to return the park back by using a green roof, with a big balcony and bench-like stairs, from which people can enjoy the beautiful views to Vitosha Mountain.