Tehran Educational Complex for Students with Special Needs

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Educational Buildings
CompanyArezou Zaredar
University/SchoolShahid Beheshti University
Lead ArchitectArchitectural Designer: Arezou Zaredar, Supervisor: Ali Alai
Design TeamArchitectural Designer: Arezou Zaredar, Supervisor: Ali Alai

As the project is located within the 22nd region of Tehran and because of the convenient access to the highways and extension ability, it could be used trans-regional. Considering the fact that school buildings are not temporary and because of the amount of budget spent to construct this type of building, flexibility is necessary. This fact affected the organization of the educational grade zones and their private yards. In all cases such as selection of educational zones and decisions for public spaces and even using the facilities of workshops, the most limited factors about special needs are considered in order to highly cover variety of needs and grades. Besides flexibility, this complex is also able to be extended in floors or in number of students using a place. Flexibility also comes from where a system in a critical situation redeems the shortage and overlapping starts from here. Moreover, the form of the building and yards is suitable for all types of students to feel comfortable and comparatively free. Classes are designed in a module which can be converted in two or reverse in case of increasing the number of students or changing their needs. Also the flexible classes are directly connected to their private yards and all of the private yards are able to connect to a public yard at the center public zone which is basically considered for the car access. Having separate yards for each grade and separating the car access from playing area cause reduction of vulnerability. Each grade zone will not disturb the others while having independent activity and also can use services such as rehabilitation, therapeutic and sport facilities which are provided by aggregation of disabilities and grades. On the public Zone, there is a separate access for rehabilitation and sport zone for public benefit.