ResQ - Temporary rescue unit

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Other Architecture
University/SchoolUVM Quéretaro

Cabin in case of earthquakes, floods, natural disasters, tsunami; Able to adapt to two positions, padded to avoid injuries. Location GPS connected to a seismic alert in addition to backup system alert. The shape; a capsule which in addition to distribute the impacts, has a found reinforcement that will prevent the concentration of the impact on a single point. The difference of this project is the easy adaptability to every environment. Safeguarding its occupier against mass of water, debris, flashes of electricity (security and anthropometry). Investigating the processes of rescue we facilitate the task of being found in different situations. Made of steel and reinforced plastics, it has a main entrance and a rescue access; its color is reflective, Windows made of transparent polycarbonate and its cover phosphorescent to be more easily located regardless of the time or the site of the disaster. The capsule will register the conditions of what had happened and which actions to take depending on the type of disaster to opt for a continuous or intermittent use of the system. It has food supplies, air purifier and an independent oxygen container, audible and optical alarm system and Backup batteries and Fire-resistant film.