The RISD Museum Hotel : Visual Encounters Merging Hospitality and Exhibition

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Hospitality
CompanyRhode Island School of Design
University/SchoolRhode Island School of Design
Project Videohttp://

The RISD Museum Hotel focuses on interior adaptation of existing building stock of the Rhode Island School of Design. To reimagine the future use of the school campus, this project seeks to an answer this question; how should a museum affiliated with an institution of higher education in art and design offer a higher degree of access to art immersion, and remain devoted to the general advancement of art education. Based on the concept of Camera Obscura, the new typology of the art museum combined with hospitality will provide the extraordinary experience to be exposed to art up close, along with the new intervention, The Sculpture Garden, which links all separate buildings of the museum. The RISD Museum Hotel will not only reinforce the identity of RISD as an institution of higher education through conveying high culture in art and design to the public in a creative way, but also encourage more users to be involved in a philanthropic community to form an institution worthy of the community and the city as an epicenter of art and design.