OCT Group ZhuShuiGe Marketing Center

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationNanshan District, China
CompanyDAS Design Co.,Ltd
Lead ArchitectCui Duan
Design TeamZhang Xinlei, Zhao Yihan, Zhang Yuan, Hu Ji'an, Fu Zhiheng, Fan Gao
ClientOverseas Chinese Town Holdings Company(OCT Group)

We hope to build a social field where order and freedom coexist. Following the transformation of the spatial context, the negotiation area is connected with the stairs, and the spatial layout and soft decoration design are developed around the elegant and elegant layout. The huge height brings the unique sense of ritual into the space. Books, ornaments, sculptures and other artworks are integrated and placed, presenting an inclusive and open life state. People can meet, get acquainted with each other, talk in couples, or observe alone, and they can talk and laugh in close proximity.