Tintra Footbridge

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Transportation
Firm LocationOslo, Norway
CompanyRintla Eggertsson Architects
Lead ArchitectDagur Eggertsson
Design Team Sami Rintala, Vibeke Jenssen, Polona Susteric and Johannes Dagsson
ClientVoss municipality, Norway

In 2015 the the municipality of Voss, in western Norway, invited entrepreneurs and architects to participate in tenders for a pedestrian bridge over the river Vosso. The bridge was to replace a historic bridge, which had been taken by a flood in the river the previous year. The team of IKM Steel/Facade, SKL Engineers and Rintala Eggertsson Architects won the competition with a steel lattice bridge in cor-ten steel and wooden floors, walls and ceilings in wood. It was an important for the client to provide the pedestrians with enough visibility to the powerful nature in the area. The river is also a good fishing river - an important source of recreation for the local population with the old bridge as an important a basecamp of activities. The municipality emphasized this strongly in the competition for the new bridge. The design of the new bridge was generated by the idea of a rhythmical play of modules crossing the river in order to break down the timeline into intervals and reduce the monotony when crossing the river. This play of modules would be based on the distance between the already existing pillars in the river, the only remains of the old bridge.