ALPOD-Futuristic Aluminum Pod House

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
Firm Location, Hong Kong
CompanyAluHouse Company Limited
Lead ArchitectEric Kwong
Design Team

Design to be mobile, durable and portable,
ALPOD utilizes precision engineering and
aeronautical technologies to bring you the
future of modern living.

The ALPOD is made of strong and sustainable
aluminum .Due to its light and durable
components it requires little to no
maintenance as well as being energy efficient
and environmentally friendly.

An aerodynamically designed aluminum curved
shell creates feeling of elegance. Glazing
windows and skylights introduce excellent
natural lighting. Sliding/folding doors open
up the entire area and enhance ventilation.
There are optional kitchens and bathroom
facilities, all of which offer flexible and
diverse spatial layouts. Intelligent aluminum
walls provide air conditioning, power, and
smart LED lighting and other systems.

Every aspect of ALPOD, from the space-age
aluminum exterior to the minimalistic
interior, has been designed with flexibility
in mind. As a result, the play-and-plug ALPOD
can easily be
set up in any environments. The diversified
modern internal space adapts to serve
as tourists resorts, RV campsites, fast-
fashion mobile shops, all-weather bars,
retail stores, cafes, gyms and interactive
exhibition halls. This offers many fresh
opportunities with portable space for
different industries.
ALPOD units can also be stacked one on top of
another to create a futuristic looking ALPOD
tower buildings, redefining metropolitan
architectural landscape.