Jet d'Eau Mobile Walkway

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Public, Winner in Architectural Design / Other Architecture
Firm LocationGenève, Switzerland
Design TeamGabriele Guscetti Etienne Bouleau Jérôme Pochat
ClientHAU Geneva

Like a ribbon that gradually unfurls across the water, the new walkway is a fluid area that invites you to stroll and wander around the foot of the most emblematic monument in Geneva: the Jet d'Eau. The watchword for this project was accessibility for all: boats, yachtsmen, walkers, tourists and people with reduced mobility. Everybody is welcome to this new public space that imposes itself as a bold gesture, but seems only natural. The new mobile walkway of Geneva’s Jet d’Eau is a unique masterpiece of engineering, which required high software skills and intense detailing innovation. Spanning over 12 m long and rising more than 2 m high to allow boat passing, the deck transforms itself into a 10 steps stair, so as not to interrupt people walk. A total capacity of 80 tons is needed in the pistons to push up the 15 tons of structure, including 30 pairs of scissors made of duplex stainless steel.