Baan Huay Sarn Yaw - Post Disaster School

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Other Architecture, Winner in Architectural Design / Educational Buildings
Firm LocationBangkok, Thailand
CompanyVin Varavarn Architects
Lead ArchitectM.L.Varudh Varavarn
Design Team Mr. Jongsarit Jinachan
ClientHuay Sarn Yaw Witthaya School

This non-profit project is a new school building assisted by
the Post-Disaster School program for schools which were
destroyed by the earthquake in the north of Thailand during
early 2014. The new building must be designed to be
earthquake resistant, easily constructed by local worker and
requiring as low budget as possible.

The design principle is to challenge with the traditional
believe that the enclosed classroom would encourage
students to concentrate more with their studies. In contrast,
the new classroom concept will be the open pavilion which
totally open up to beautiful natural surrounding of the site
creating a relax atmosphere for student. The students can
connect to the nature around them which can benefit for
their long term learning development .

The proposed architecture is a one simple building which
can integrate with the beautiful natural surrounding and
blend in with the local context of the community. The
proposed building has been designed to become as a
prototype architecture that can easily develop, modify, or
adapt to other types of building; such as houses, pavilions,
libraries, etc. So that, in long term, it can benefit to the
people in the community as much as possible.