Lagos's Wooden Tower

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Green architecture
Firm LocationYaounde, Cameroon
CompanyHKA | Hermann Kamte
Lead ArchitectHermann Kamte
Design Team

Lagos is the most populate city in Africa and
represents a big deal for architects. City
consists of 16 million inhabitants. Situated
in the heart of Ikory, the most popular and
the richest residential site of Nigeria,
Lagos’s tower is the unique wooden structure
which is designed to be a smart and
sustainable building.

The whole is oriented to maximise daylight and
natural ventilation. The wooden envelope
provides shading from the heat of the direct
sun around the shape. Plants belt around each
floor contribute to creating fresh air flow
and keep a constant microclimate into living
space while providing a visual comfort and

The project focuses on the open area. This is
an experimental tall wooden structure in

The envelope high lights Yoruba culture with
their massive presence in the heart of Lagos.
Inspiration comes from the history of Edo,
Yoruba and Hausa people. Here, it is awesome
to see that there is always a traditional
hierarchy in this modern city.

The Design gives a new natural footprint face
to the historic Centre dominated by massive
and heavy building built in ceramic, concrete
and asphalt.