KI Kletterzentrum Innsbruck

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Other Architecture
Firm LocationInnsbruck, Austria
CompanyArchitekt Thomas Schnizer
Lead ArchitectThomas Schnizer
Design TeamAndreas Kuen Stefan Schlewitz
Clientcity of innsbruck

KI climbing center innsbruck - the construction finished in may 2017 is situated on the area between the railway viaduct and the river Sill, an urban area which still wants to be discovered and is of great value for leisure. The project started with an architectural competition in 2014. Meanwhile the realization of an ensemble of structures with open areas and the freestanding climbing towers at the entrance side as well as a new lead-climbing hall and the bouldering rocks added to and integrated into the already existing complex were accomplished. Between the single structures there is an open space for major events (Climbing World Championship 2018). The open nature of the spatial concept is creating vivid relationship between the various areas and the river Sill. The interior areas are forming an L-shaped big hall. The long side is close-fitting to the already existing halls, is culminating in the competition arena for bouldering and is expanding towerlike on the west side into the nearly 18 meters high lead-climbing hall. The entrance area and the bistro lounge in the new hall which are generously glazed connect the interior parts with the exterior ones.