PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation
Firm LocationDistrito Federal, Mexico
Lead Architect111ARQ
ClientInstituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural R-7 Ec

Creating an interpretation center to value the miner historical past of Portovelo (South American Development Company) to safeguard the mining heritage. The proposal is to recycle old auriferous material storage tanks, elements on condition of disuse, disuse, the incorporation of museology in rooms. The project rescues culture and working memory; the history focuses on gold, one of the natural resources most coveted by man. A golden history, Grandparents through stories that convey the history of an era: Insensitivity, neglect and vandalism have taken a heavy toll to the place; however, it is still possible to see elements that still remain. They were identified 21 patrimonial assets that may be redeemed. Inside the tanks - Making useful the obsolete: Low construction impact high cultural impact. The Interpretation Center will become the Portovelo canton embryo of cultural, social and economic development. Getting an identity from the places historical social point of view; recreational activities, workshops and cultural programs. Inside: Reception, interpretation room, model SADCO, recreational, audiovisual, souvenirs and cafeteria. The project stands out for the preservation of the site, but at the same time it generates a proposal for the children's public (space architecture) and for the general public (Restored Industrial Architecture).