PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationParis, France
Design TeamVincent PRIOUX Cédric PETITDIDIER
Project Videohttp://

Entirely clad in bricks, THE CLOUDS marks the completion of the surrounding ecodristrict, offering a reinterpretation of Paris courtyards that connects Rue des Cévennes with the park that lies in the centre of the district. The design of the project offering 109 apartments within the Boucicaut area relies on two solutions to lessen the impact of the project’s high density: - Stretching across the project is a courtyard, surrounded by four facades (windows open mainly onto kitchens, bedrooms and a few bathrooms), much like traditional Paris courtyards. This space is as much a public space for pedestrians by day as a garden serving each entrance on the lot. Its dimensions and proportions provide excellent ventilation and allow sunlight to flood the courtyard all day long. - The bulk of the programme is contained within the boundaries set by two strips running perpendicular to Rue des Cévennes and materialized by two solid brick buildings, consistent with the area’s architectural vocabulary. The two strips are linked together at both ends by two suspended buildings, one facing the street, the other facing the park, creating clusters of interlocking blocks: the clouds.