[ESQVTA - One2One Fitness Studio - COVER IMG] Outside View by Ricardo Oliveira Alves

One2One Fitness Studio

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationPorto, Portugal
Project locationPorto, Portugal
Lead ArchitectVitor Almeida
Design TeamSara Pinto, Tiago Castro

The project for the third studio of One2One’s Fitness Center was born inside the current era of instagramable Interior Design. Within the 110m2 available, the program develops into a large central area for functional training, a locker room and a corridor that connects this studio to the two existing ones. 70s and 80s references were used, with inspiration from the pop and underground cultures, between eccentric hedonism and the cult of the body. Neons, golden lamps, mirrors and brass are merged with a unique purpose in mind: to create the most exuberant and exclusive training studio in town.