Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture
Firm LocationGuangzhou, China
CompanyArchitectural Design and Research Institute of South China University of Technology
Lead ArchitectHe Jingtang
Design Team Guo Weihong ,Pan Yudan ,Zheng Changbo , Li Kaixin,Chen Zong ,Wang Renyu, Huang Guangnan.
ClientChina Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd

This is a poetic sanctuary that shows people both the brilliant Islamic culture and our vision for a better life. This is also a homelikeculturalcenter that provides a spiritual home for local residents especially Muslims. DachangCounty is a Muslim enclave near Beijing. To revive the Islamic culture and improve the quality of culture life, the local government developed Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center, a culturalcomplexintegrating the functions of theatre, exhibition, convention and community center. Based on traditional mosque, the building subtly interpretsthe spatial structure of mosque with new materials and technologies. The surrounding arches shrink into elegant curves from the bottom up, while the cambering petal-shaped arches of the reflectionin the waterlook even more vivid and graceful. The dome sees the translation and abstraction of Islamic symbols rather than simple mimicking. We constitute the dome with petaloid shells and creativelytransform the interior space into a semi-exterior roof garden flooded with sunshine, fresh air and vegetation.