[NEUF architect(e)s - Fasken - COVER IMG] Raphaël Thibodeau


PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Workplaces
Firm LocationMontréal, Canada
Project locationMontréal, Canada
CompanyNEUF architect(e)s
Lead ArchitectAzad Chichmanian, Anne-Marie Charlebois

The outcome of an architectural competition, the Fasken project aims to provide an exceptional experience to the employees and clients of this large law firm, in addition to integrating into the design a collection of 500 works of art. Located in the iconic Tour de la Bourse, a monumental staircase that links the five storeys of the Fasken offices, unfolds like a sheet of paper to provide fluid circulation between the floors which are now open and luminous. The connectivity of departments and luminosity encourages spontaneous use of spaces, in addition to highlighting the vast art collection.