BB home

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Small Architecture
Firm LocationHanoi, Viet Nam
CompanyH&P Architects
Lead ArchitectDoan Thanh Ha
Design TeamTran Ngoc Phuong
Project Videohttp://

In Vietnam, the natural phenomena are severe and various: storm, flood, sweeping floods, landslides, drouhgt, etc... The damage every year, which is considerable compared to the world scale, takes away about 500 persons and 1.2%-GDP-equally assets and reduces the involved areas’ development. One solution to houses and homes for millions of these people is the goal of this BB (Blooming Bamboo) home. From the bamboo module of d=8-10cm & d=4-5cm diameter and 3.3m or 6.6 length, each house is simply assembled with bolting, binding, hanging, placing... This pulled monolithic architecture is strong enough to suffer from phenomena like 1.5m-high flood. The space is multifuntional such as House, Educational, Medical and Community Center and can be spreaded if necessary. The users can build the house by themselves in 25 days. Besides, it can be mass produced with modules and the total cost of the house is only 2500$. Therefore, the house can warm people in the most severe conditions and help them control activities in the future, also remarkably contribute to ecological development as well as economic stabilization. This will give condions for self-control process and create connection between vernacular culture and architecture.