Dulwich Pavilion

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Installations & structures, Winner in Architectural Design / Small Architecture
Firm LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Design TeamArchitect: IF_DO; Structural Engineer: StructureMode; Fabricator: Weber Industries
ClientDulwich Pavilion

The competition brief was for a low-cost temporary summer pavilion at the Duliwch Picture Gallery which would form the centre- piece of the London Festival of Architecture 2017, the theme for which was ‘memory’. The structure needed to provide a flexible space for talks, film screenings, exhibitions, dance and other performance arts, seating 150 people. A bar needed to be incorporated to serve hot and cold drinks and a ‘street food’ offer. The pavilion—‘After Image’— is designed to create intense and lasting experiences. Responding to the solidity and monolithic nature of Sir John Soane’s gallery and the porous, ever- changing nature of the landscape, the pavilion mediates between the two in order to break down their delineation and create a new visual experience for the gallery’s visitors. A series of mirrored screens—some fixed, some movable—reflect and disrupt the context. Fragments of the building appear in the landscape, and fragments of the landscape in the building, while the translucency of the screens creates an overlay of moving images: of building, of landscape, of personal reflection and of others beyond.