PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Small Architecture
Firm Location, Germany
CompanyLtg Lofts to Go
Lead ArchitectMark Schmiedel
Design TeamMark Schmiedel Macarena Pérez-Enciso Ramos
ClientLTG Lofts to go

Sustainability is the key to our future. It means to produce something in a way that makes it serve its purpose entirely while using only the absolute minimum of resources. This and the desire for freedom, individuality and being close to nature is universal all around the globe. The coodo, simply put, is a frame with well rounded corners and amazes with its fully glazed facade that connects you to your surroundings. With its DNA of being mobile, modular design and state-of-the-art systems and building materials we created a simple product that is smart, beautiful and good so that you can enjoy the bigger picture. A coodo has one vision, but means to have many choices. A coodo is energy-conscious. To minimize energy consumption, we employ only the latest smarthome technologies: low energy cost due to innovative insulation high performance 3-pane insulation glass (according to the strict German RAL standards) airtight concept and warmth recovery according to the German ‘Passivhausstandard’ PHPP (passive house standard, meaning: the house doesn’t need external heating) deck planking made from recyclable bio material (WPC) all household appliances according to the German energy efficiency class A. It is reduced to the essentials, but offers you the world. Within a coodo life is simple.