Infotech Office Building at Celebrations Pointe

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Urban Planning
Firm LocationCleveland, United States
CompanyCupkovic Architecture, Llc
Lead ArchitectNoel L. Cupkovic AIA, NCARB - Principal
Design Team Jeffrey C. Hoskin, AIA - Design Principal
Project Videohttp://

The InfoTech Office Building is a 3 level, single use office building for InfoTech, a software company located in Gainesville, FL., near UF The building terminates Tech-Park, part of the overall Celebration Pointe project, designed by CUPKOVIC architecture for Celebration Pointe Partners The building is pursuing LEED Silver, it's design incorporates daylight harvesting, an efficient HVAC system and lighting controls as well as a strategic use of technology and interior design to create a culture of collaboration for the various departments. The project is part of Celebration Pointe, a mixed use project consisting of approximately 130 acres consisting of retail, office, residential and entertainment uses. Celebration Pointe is also pursuing LEED for Neighborhood Development or LEED ND and has incorporated a flyover bridge over the adjacent I-75 highway to create a connection for East Gainesville to have pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular access to the overall project - Celebration pointe is also adjacent to the conservation area which incorporates a multi- purpose path and connects to the adjacent "Braid Trail", which runs directly adjacent to InfoTech office building. The building also incorporates a roof garden with views to the Tech Park and an internal- external lobby directly adjacent to the Conservation area.