Alternative housing for displaced in iraq

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Green architecture, Winner in Architectural Design / Small Architecture, Winner in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture, Winner in Landscape Architecture / Residential_LA, Architectural Design of the Year
University/SchoolUniversity of Baghdad

More than 3 million Iraqis have been displaced across the country since the start of 2014 and one out of every four houses is completely destroyed in Ramadi. The alternative house will be constructed from earth bags, used tires and low cost materials. For a sustainable home based on thermal mass and passive design. in the summer On the western side there are openings that pull the air and cool it before entering the living space, The slots in the roof work to remove hot air, The area above the glass house provides a low-pressure zone To pull Hot air to be replaced with fresh air, The green house is covered with curtains and opened to protect the house from the heat of the sun. n the winter The western, eastern and upper air vents should be closed, The green house become the source of heat for the house and it is open to the house. The city design meant to be developable, and in a way, that focuses on the importance of the public spaces to strengthen the Neighborship links with high respect to the privacy of the private-space importance in this community.